About Us

Why Mission Field

The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is love and connection. At Mission Field, we show you another way to live, by integrating a commitment to clinical excellence and the use of evidence-based practices with an emphasis on the healing power of love and connection. Through Mission Field’s commitment to being a Christian facility you will become part of our family and make those connections that may have been missing in your life.

The latest studies show addiction is as much a disease of alienation and disconnection — from others and from one’s self — as it is a medical diagnosis requiring professional treatment. Which means the opposite of addiction is not just
sobriety or white-knuckled abstinence: the opposite of addiction is love and connection.

Connection with a community of people who will walk with you and your loved ones over the long haul of treatment and recovery, and who know just how to help. And a connection with the person you were meant to be, as someone freed from addiction in order to be free for a unique, higher purpose and a more meaningful and life-giving passion